At the end of 2016, Dimash was invited to attend the popular Hunan television competition for acclaimed professional singers. He signed a contract with Black Gold Talent in Beijing before starting the competition, confirming his participation. At the age of 22, Dimash was the youngest participant in the series ‘ history and competed with the professional and best-selling Chinese singers. 

Dimasha’s mother, Sveta said later that he only hoped that he would reach at least the middle stage of the competition. Not only did he graduate from Singer 2017, but also graduated from Runner Up, he gained millions of fans whom he began to call “Dears”. If his previous participation in other competitions proved that he can sing well, his astonishing performances on the stage Singer 2017 guaranteed his rapid rise in popularity and international fame.

Singer 2019 - 2018 video album

Singer 2019
Melodies from show:
1. Love of my life
2. We will rock you
3. We are the champions
4. Bohemian Rhapsody

Singer 2018



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Singer 2017 video album

January 21, 2017. Dimash sang “SOS d‘un terrien en détresse”, captivating audiences and participants with their interpretation of the song. He received a standing ovation and won episode 1, becoming a night sensation in China. His name immediately became apparent in social media and press television media. Dimash sang in 6 languages songs from the genre of pop, rock, opera, ballad. He played piano, percussion, and Dombra.

  1. SOS d’un terrien en détresse (1 miejsce)
  2. Opera 2 (pierwsze miejsce)
  3. The Show Must Go On (3 miejsce)
  4. Late Autumn (3 miejsce)
  5. Uptown Funk, (6. miejsce)
  6. Adagio (pierwsze miejsce)
  7. Daidadau (3 miejsce)
  8.  Daybreak (3 miejsce)
  9. All By Myself (drugie miejsce)
  10. Unforgettable Day (3 miejsce)
  11. Ultimate Breakout Round
  12. Confessa / Diva Dance (2 miejsce)
  13. Tribute to MJ, Dimash i Laure (2. miejsce)
  14. Give Me Love
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