21 March 2019 R    18:00
  Banquet Concert House
“Hala ARTI”

  53 USD – ticket

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Fans Dimasha Kudaibergena! 
We would like to invite you to take part in the traditional Fanowskim “pre-party” meeting before the Dimasha concert in Moscow. The theme of the event will be the ceremony of the award  “DIMASH & DARS Gala“.

Date of the event:21.03.2019 
Time18:00 do 00:00
PlaceBanquet Concert House  “ARTI HALL”, Moscow

D & D is no
t just a trophy! It symbolizes the love of fans to Dimasha and his art, in which each element is filled with profound meaning. The crystal itself embodies the brightness and power of the Dimasha voice. It looks like a warming and connecting flame of his voice, encompassing the entire planet. Our love, support and willingness to follow him around the world represents the silhouette of a fan who keeps a signature Dimasha. Wherever there is Dimash, dears are always there! The fans of his music live all over the world, even in the remotestest corners of the planet, and their number grows every day! The Gala is organized by the Eurazjatycki Fan Club with the support of DimashDostar and QTCom.

We are waiting for you at a meeting in Moscow.


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